Clean Eating

We select fresh ingredients and cook our foods as close as possible to it's natural state. Our menu is gluten free, Paleo inspired and has no GMO products. You'll be left with a clean feeling after every meal. 

Weight loss & Muscle Gain

All our meals are protein packed and low in fat. They also come with a substantial amount of carbs for sustained energy to fuel your body and workouts.


If you're not sure what to prep or you just don't have the time. No Stress! Just give us your macros, meal plan or food request and we'll bring it to LIFE!


Tell us what your trouble areas are. We'll talk with you one on one to figure out the best way to help you with your meal prepping needs.

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Delivery Orders must be placed by Fri 5:30 pm for Sunday meal prep . Shipping orders must be placed No Later than Monday to Arrive by the start of the week.  Free shipping for orders $150 or higher.


All Deliveries and Pick Ups are on Sundays unless otherwise stated. You will be contacted 1 hour prior to receiving your meals.

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Always Fresh, Never Frozen

Check out What They're Saying About Us

Omar reviewed No Stress Prep LLC — 5 star

August 16, 2017 · 

Great Quality and Taste. A variety of Affordable Meals. A Fantastic choice for your prepping needs. The meals are always Fresh, Never Frozen.

Jessica Lee Winfield reviewed No Stress Prep LLC — 5 star

August 11, 2017 · 

Sharnell Madison reviewed No Stress Prep LLC — 5 star

August 16, 2017 · 

Kai Harris reviewed No Stress Prep LLC — 5 star

August 16, 2017 · 

I absolutely love how fresh these meals are and TASTE..... I don't feel like I am eating a frozen dinner and I don't feel bad after indulging in one of these healthy prep meals ...thank you for providing a service to help us better meet our nutrition goals ....your business most definitely TAKES THE STRESSING OUT OF HEALTHY MEAL PREPPING !!!

Karimu Easter reviewed No Stress Prep LLC — 5 star

August 16, 2017 · 

All I know is if you struggle with eating vegetables, they know how to make you a fan!! I'm still trying to get some more of those grilled Brussel Sprouts. � The food is so good, healthy without compromising taste.

Kevin Armstrong reviewed No Stress Prep LLC — 5 star

June 10 · 

Great food

Hunter Mum  recommends No Stress Prep LLC.

August 31 · 

Try it all! Healthy and delicious.

Health food · Fresh food

Branden Woodbury

Nov 26, 2018

Whatever this pasta was ... A Plus! Send that again please! It made me full. I felt bad for asking for those brownies and they didn't do what I thought they would... I  guess when I leave it up to you, I'm Good. This is perfect. I appreciate you. 

All food is prepared fresh and cooked thoroughly as per State of Virginia Health Department. However, purchasing our meals releases No Stress Prep, LLC, its owners, and any employees from any and all responsibility and liability for injury or illnesses.

Menu contains, fish, shrimp, wheat, diary and eggs.

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